European data protection officer

European data protection officer allowed data transaction in case of privacy shield

Privacy is a priority

It is in human nature that they do not want their personal data to be shared with anyone because there are something that you do not want to share with others. Everybody has secrets and to keep your mind at peace you must feel safe, and if your mind thinks that your data is getting out, then you would not feel peace anymore. So privacy is a big issue, and European data protection officer solved it with privacy shield.

 Privacy shield is replacement of Harbor

In previous days Harbor was used as data transatlantic between European Council and U.S. government, and European data protection officer found some flaws in it and declared it as invalid procedure and after that many company that was working on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean were worried about the future. Because they were using the personal data of individuals to make many important decisions that were going to help out n future. After some effort of U.S. government and European council they came to a decision to make privacy shield that is fully functional now. Many companies have become part of this shield and are getting benefits from this shield.

European data protection officer

It is not compulsory

The main or basic flaw in the privacy shield is that it is not necessary for every business in U.S. the member of the privacy shield will have to follow some instructions that are provided in the privacy shield agreement. Google and Facebook also become part of this and are share data that big organizations might need. You should not get confused with personal data, it is not your personal picture or videos, it all about on which thing you click the most, what things you search the most and what do you like on the internet. That is all that they get from you, and they use this information to make their product better according to your likeness.

What companies have to do to sign up?

First of all, they have to submit a form to request participation in the shield, and when their form will be accepted they have to pay assigned fee every month, and they have to post it publically that they are part of a privacy shield. European data protection officer wants to make sure that nobody lives in the blank, everybody has right to know about their personal data. When a company gets its name in the privacy shield list, they have to change their privacy policies along with the statements that they are part of the shield and what kind of data they will collect from the user and who will use their data. If they are going to give data to a third party, then they will have to tell the name of the third party.

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